Dear TAP, 

I was really taken back recently at a May 12th press release in which North Plainfield Police Department Chief William Parenti was highlighting his agencies increased role in keeping our school’s safe. Let me please remind Chief Parenti that we still haven’t received a public apology from him regarding never telling any of us residents – or any school administrators within our town – that his police chief uniform, badge and gun were all stolen from his Watchung residence back in early January. In fact, it wasn’t until a NJ101.5 Watchdog Report (  ) posted online several weeks later on January 29, 2018 that exposed Chief Parenti, and then we finally found out what the burglars had taken from his house.     

With the recent tragic school shootings in Florida and Texas, you would think our “Police Department Chief” would immediately want the public to know someone could be wearing his police chief uniform, badge and gun and could be showing up at any one our borough schools or businesses to create a major act of violence. 

I am not surprised Chief William Parenti hasn’t apologized yet to the North Plainfield community for keeping this a secret from us, as it appears if he had it his way-  ‘no one’ would of ever known.  

Mary R. Carthon

North Plainfield

SOURCE: Original Letter Here